The History of Evergreen United Methodist Church


Evergreen United Methodist Church was founded in 1869 by several prominent community residents. The first congregation worshipped in Bush Harbor, located on what is now Durr Cove. The remnants of our first cemetery are still prevalent there. Since Evergreen is the first and oldest community church, it has always been known as the Mother Church of the Community.

In 1884, land across from the present location was donated to the Trustees of Evergreen Church (Rob Stevens, John Jones and Andrew King) by C.S. Harris. Due to a legal disputes over the land, Evergreen is no longer in that location.

In 1897, the second property, at the current 1011 Trickham Bridge Road, was donated by Anthony Anderson, Joe Webb and John Love. The first church building is believed to have been built sometime shortly after 1897.  This building was considered rather large in size, because most churches at that time were very small. There were no facilities in Evergreen’s first building. Instead, two outhouses were located directly in front of the cemetery behind the church, one for men and one for women.

Evergreen Church had a small one-room school located to the west of the church. It was called The Evergreen School House and Mrs. Ina Marshall was the teacher.  The school taught 1st through 8th grade all in one classroom. The kids had to cut wood for heat during the winter and carry water from what is now McIntyre Lane back to the school.  As a result of Brown vs. Board of Education, the school closed in 1957.

A new church structure was completed in 1971.  During the time of rebuilding, we were blessed by Pilgrim Rest Church and allowed to utilize their church for our Sunday school and monthly 2nd Sunday worship service.  We were later able to bless Pilgrim Rest’s family with the same kindness during their rebuilding. This shows how our community has always worked together for the good of the Lord.  Later, Pilgrim Rest and Evergreen held Bible study together for many years, alternating location weekly.

In 1971, under the leadership of Rev. John L. Baker, Evergreen United Methodist Church family was blessed with a new building.  The foyer of the sanctuary has changed since the new building was built.    Also, the sanctuary was renovated by our men and then pastor, Rev. Burnell Newsome.  So many changes have gone forth all to the glory of God.  The cornerstone of Evergreen Church holds all of the information regarding the dates, rebuilding dates, Board of Trustees, Officers and Church Secretaries.

From 1914 to 2016, Evergreen Church has had 21 pastors: They include: Revs. Britton, Poe, Berry, Henderson, Nelson, Davie, Lawrence, Pittman, Thompson, Horne, Baker, C. Collier, Beasley, Newsome,  J. Collier, Moore, Hodge, Crump,  Moses, Carter and the current (2016) pastor Ricky Georgetown. Associate Ministers include: Proctor, King, Gladney, Brown, Spann and McCray.

Evergreen United Methodist Church building and family have truly come a long way. The worship service has come from once a month to twice a month and now to full-time. The membership is currently over 150 people with the oldest member being Sister Lena Taylor, born January 27, 1920.  She is currently 96-years-old.

One thing that stands out and is evident from the earliest existence of Evergreen Church is the love for each other and the willingness to work together for the good of the Whole Church and those that Love the Lord.  Let us continue to do the same in the future by equipping people to Believe, Become, Befriend.