The Esther Project


Chairperson:  Aisha Fletcher        

Focus Group:   Females - Ages 12 -18

Theme:  "Esther's Bold Request: An Appointment with the King"

Purpose:    To provide spiritual, mental, physical, and social guidance for our female youth and young adults based upon the Biblical principles of Esther.

Goal:  To assure the participants that you can be young, have fun, and still live Holy for God.

Subjects will include but not limited to:

  • Etiquette                                 Interpersonal Skills                              Personal Safety

  • Health                                     Financial Responsibility                       Bullying

  • Fashion                                   Brainstorming Sessions                       Human Trafficking

  • Self- Esteem                            Breakout Sessions: Age Appropriate

  • Self-Confidence                      Self-Respect                                         Positive Body Image

  • Spirituality                               Social Media Responsibility

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